Hex Goblintree (hex_goblintree) wrote in brokensouls,
Hex Goblintree

hello anyone and everyone
wow i was thinking....LJ is here so people can come on line and let stuff out..well i haven't really been doing that. i seem to have a strange fear that people will find out who i am and tell people the things i write. i have a really big secret (did i spell that right?) that i'm scared to tell. i don't want my friends to hate me. i wish i could believe that they would understand...and i'm sure that they would...but i can't...i was thinking of getting another LJ but i wouldn't feel like myself when i write. i'm sorry if all of this sounds stupid but i am stupid so thats the only way i can write. in a way i don't care what people think but in a really big way i do care. i tell myself that it doesn't matter. i'm really scared that my parents would find out. they would freak..i'm sure my dad would never understand...my parents are stuck in the past they are so closed minded that i want to scream. i think i'm going to go crazy! now i think i'm going to change the subject now...

school is almost out and i'm so ready to get out of here.. i'm staying at my grandparent's house until sunday. my parents are at the beach and i guess they don't think i can take care of myself. huh...i don't think i can either... well anyway...i have to check something out so i guess i'll go now.
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