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Hey. My name is Kate and Im new, so I thought i better type something on here so you know i exist.
Im 15, Ive been a self harmer for a year and a bit. I struggle with either accepting annorexia or getting rid of it.
My life is shit basically. Ive given up caring about what happens to it or me. I live with my mum. My dad I never see, even though he takes my mum out every friday night. My parents never married, so my dad has no real reason to visit his bastard child.
Recently broke up with my girlfriend, who revealed that for the past month of our relationship she didnt actually *like* me as anything more then a friend, but continued to make out with me. So I feel like a cheap whore at the moment. but, we are still suposidly still *friends* even though when its just me and her sometimes sarcastic jokes turn into catty bitchy comments. So, yea, we're 'friends'.
I like to write poetry, sometimes long pieces of descriptive prose, draw and watch the blood flow.
But this is me. I joined the comunity because I really need some people to talk to that I wont have to then go and face the next day at school. I need to escape to somewhere.
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