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hey. i'm courtney. i'm 16. i just joined this community bc i wanted to talk to other ppl that were jsut as fucking bitter as i am. :) i have a past that sucks ass. my mother is very very ill. we live off disability and very small child support checks. growing up my dad was physically abusive to her and emotionally abusive to me. not to mention a drug addict and alcoholic. his 2 brothers were more of fathers to me than he will ever be. one now has cancer (which is also what my grandmother died of) and is refusing to take chemo. he could die. ain't life peachy? oh, and i don't trust guys bc at 13 i was raped by my first bf. not to mention abused. wow... no wonder i hate most guys. there are a few i trust. my best friend. he's amazing. i love him more than anything in the world. he's pretty bitter too. but it's sexy on him. i'm a poet. i'll actualy be published in a few months. tht's pretty cool. i've gone from meaningless relationship to meaningless relationship in the past year. and when i actually found some i wanted to be with.... he chickened out. i struggled with drugs and alcohol from the end of 7th to probly the middle of 9th (tho by then it was substantially better). when i finally got off pain killers i started smoking. now i've quit that and am clean. but life is pretty dull being clean. but my mind's clear. and i have total control of myself. i like that. but yeah. that's just me. my story. i need ppl to talk to. so please, be nice, say hi
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