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What to type...

I obviously just joined. ...woo...fucking...hoo... I get to share in the misery of others. Misery is always much more amusing when you share. Yes indeed, it is.

Hmmm...first off my name is Tina.

I suppose I could say what I like, that seems to be the shorter list. I like music, art, painting, drawing and writing. I also enjoy the company of my total of 3 friends.

I am 16. So I am in high school. Right now I am slacking off, simply because I don't have the energy to give a shit about any of it. I'm going to start working a bit harder (or so I say) so that I will be able to get into a good university in Ottawa and get the shit out of this normal ville. Yes, Ottawa is heaven.

Wow, aren't I exciting.
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